Dagapela MSSBrief History of the School

Dagapela Middle Secondary School covers total area of 17.74 acres of land and its Lak Thram number (1052(0.513acr), 1062(14.351acr) & 1054(2.876acr) = (17.74) under Tsendagang gewog and caters education from classes (PP-X).

Dagapela Middle Secondary School takes pride in being located in semi-urban settlement in central Dagana Dzongkhag. It is situated on the left side of Dagapela-Gesarling Secondary National highway, four-kilometer away from Dagana Dzongkhag Highway. A 47km uphill drive from  Sunkosh and a 47km downhill drive from Dagana Dzongkhag headquarter locates it exactly at the midpoint of Dagana Dzongkhag Highway.

The irregularity in its history is attributed to the grave security upheaval of the 90s. After the school was conceived as a Goshi Junior High School in Goshi Gewog (RBA-Wing XII at present) in the 1970s, with 352 students and 13 teachers, it was interrupted for 3 years between 1990 and 1993. In 1994 it was relocated and reopened in Dungkhag Complex (Presently-RBP Camp) as Goshi Community Pry School. The school benefited the children of five Gewogs and 15 catchment areas, as most (rest) of the schools still remained closed. It was only in 2002 that the school got established after it got further relocated to its present location and was named Dagapela Community Primary School. There were 180 students and three regular teachers.

In 2007 with 420 students the school was upgraded to Dagapela Lower Secondary School. After two years in 2009, it was further upgraded to Dagapela Middle Secondary School. Now the school enjoys autonomy in its management since July 2017 till date. It is a day school. The school shares boundary with the Dzongkhag Hospital and the Bhutan Telecom office.

1. Vision

Ever Happy School

2. Mission

To model the attributes of Gross National Happiness with right Knowledge, Skills and Values

3. Beliefs

All are capable of achieving higher standards

We are the agent of change

4. Motto

We Can

Dagapela MSS

Profile  of Head of Institute

Name : Ugyen Penjor

 Position Title : Principal I

Position Level : P1A

 EID no : 200407333

 CID No : 10706001548

 Home Address : Gongdu, Mongar

Email ID : ugyenpen2016@education.gov.bt

Contact Number : 17888809/77321700

Dagapela MSS