Kana Gewog: A Hidden Gem in Dagana Dzongkhag
Dorona Gewog: A Tranquil Haven in Dagana Dzongkhag
Tsendagang Gewog: Embracing Tranquility and Tradition in the Heart of Dagana
Tseza Gewog: Where Tradition Meets Tranquility
Tshangkha : Where Heritage Meets Harmony
Tashiding Gewog: Embrace Nature, Celebrate Culture in the Heart of Dagana
Nichula Gewog: Gateway to Scenic Beauty and Cultural Richness in Dagana
Lhamoizingkha Gewog: Southernmost Charm, Blending Bhutanese Culture with Gateway Access to India
Lajab Gewog: Embracing Nature's Bounty and Cultural Legacy in Dagana
Khebisa Gewog: Where Heritage Flourishes Amidst Natural Splendor