Staff Pattern

  • Lone
  • Cross-sectoral
  • Parent Agency: Office of Attorney General

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide legal opinion -to Dasho Dzongdag on any official matters – as and when sought. statutory Committee/s –as and when sought.
  • Represent Dzongkhag/Dungkhag in the Royal Court of Justice in civil suit
  • Litigate Civil suit/s
  • Prosecute Criminal Cases-as and when the case is delegated to Legal Officer
  • Member to Committee/s
  • Draft and submit plaint in the Court of Law
  • Draft, review and submit Legal writeup – subsequent to directives of Dasho Dzongdag

  • Conduct legal advocacy

Member to following Committee:

Statutory Committee member:

  • Human Resource Committee
  • Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Committee
  • Land Dispute Settlement Committee
  • Tenant Dispute Settlement Committee – MS
  • Dzongkhag Woman and Children Committee - MS

Inducted member to:

  • Dzongdag’s Suicide Prevention and Response Committee
  • Dzongkhag Tender Committee
  • Dzongkhag Entertainment  and Licensing Committee
  • Incident Command Center - Shelter

Member to Investigation Committee:

  • Land Dispute
  • Election Dispute
  • Anti Corruption
  • Water Dispute
  • Road Dispute
  • Easementary Dispute
  • Any other committee, where presence of Legal Officer is deemed required.

Added Responsibilities

  • Child Focal Point
  • Gender Focal Point
  • Interim Kidu Officer
  • General Secretary, Daga Sport Association
  • Bhutan Narcotic & Control Agency Focal



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