Samey Primary School

Brief History of School Samey Primary School was established as extended classroom at Phendogang, Bazingkha in the year 1987.The school was run by two teachers for about two years and was shifted to Tashigang just below the present school (below the feede

Phekhoma Primary School

Phekoma Primary School under Khebisa geog in Dagana Dzongkhag is located in Akhochen chiwog above Dagachu hydropower project.  It is approximately 18 km from the main road at Baleygang junction leading to the Dzongkhag.  It is also connected by farm road

Nimtola Primary School

Nimtola Primary School was initially established in 2006, as a community school with one academic block. It is 22 kilometers away from Gesarling Central School. It is only school in the Gewog. It has an area of 11.56 acres under the thram No.670. The scho