Phekoma Primary School under Khebisa geog in Dagana Dzongkhag is located in Akhochen chiwog above Dagachu hydropower project.  It is approximately 18 km from the main road at Baleygang junction leading to the Dzongkhag.  It is also connected by farm road from Drujeygang gewog with same distance of 18 km. It has a total land area of 9.957 acre in Thram number 3. The school was initially started as a private school in 1978 by the community with one Teacher. In the same year the community was granted a new school during the visit of Her Royal Highness Ashi Dechen Wangmo Wangchuck. The present school was formally started in 1983 with 57 learners in LKG by the teacher in-charge Mr. Giri. At present there are 135 students with classes ranging from PP to six with 7 teaching staff and 4 support staff. It is a day feeding school.



The school will develop into a Homely Effective Learning Centre to impart GNH values and groom our students with unique Bhutanese values of Tha Dam-Tshig Ley Gyu-Drey.


The school will develop family spirit where-by love, care and support will exist between the members to produce GNH imbibed gradates with required knowledge and skills.