Lungtengang primary school is located below a small village, Bjurugang, under Kana gewog, DaganaDzongkhag. It is about six hours walk from Dagapella-Thimphu highway. Established sometimes in 2001 by the local people at first and then gradually supported by the government.

The school was proposed during the early eight five year plan. Present location of the school was not the actual seat of the school, however due to location of the BHU and other centers the school was finally decided at the present place. At present the school has a catchment area of about seven villages which includes Bjurugang, Kashithang, Didigang, Panglo, Namshigang, Bartsa, Bembay and finally Buchuna. Before the school came into being, the people had to admit their children in schools of other gewogs like Goshi, Dagana and gesarling.

Lungtengang Primary school was formally opened in April, 2003 with a total of 50 students (24 boys and 26 girls) and one teacher. Today the school has a total of 90 students including an ECR at Namshigang with 9 teachers (2 from ECR). In the history of Lungtengang Primary school, Mr. ChetenDuba will remain as the first Teacher In-charge from 2003 – 2008 followed by Mr. Dorji Penjor from 2009-2013. Currently Mr. Dorji is serving as an offtg. Principal of the school.