Notification Period:
01 February 2021
31 March 2021

As per the directive received vide letter no.  ACC/DoPE-ADMD/21/312 dated 20th January 2021 of the Honorable Chairperson of the ACC, and subsequent notification DDA/ACC-02/ADA/2021/2270 dated January 22, 2021 of Hon'ble Dasho Dzondag, Head of Agency of the Dzongkhag Administration, I would like to inform that the Annual Asset Declaration for 2020 income year will commence with effect from February 1 till March 31, 2021 for a period of 2 months. 

In this regard, the Agency would like to request and remind all the covered civil servants, Gups and Mangmis to adhere to the notification and declare your assets within stipulated time. 

Furthermore, I would like request the Supervisors to kindly inform your staffs who are required to file AD on the same. For more clarification, please refer the pertinent points as detailed below: 

Filling of Asset Declaration

1. The annual Asset declaration commence from February 1  and ends on March 31; and

2. A covered civil servant on appointment shall file AD for Assumption of Office within 3 months.

3. If your spouse is not required to file Asset Declaration separately, you must cover his/her declaration in your Asset Declaration.

4. A covered person who is on leave without pay for one year or more is not required to file any declaration for that period. However, assets, income and liabilities of such period should be filed in the subsequent year of declaration after his/her assumption of office.


5. If a covered person, without reasonable justification, declares late, he/ she shall be levied a fine equivalent to one day’s national minimum wage for every day until such failure subsists.

6. If a covered person, without reasonable justification, fails to declare, he/she shall be levied a fine equivalent to one year’s national minimum wage.

7. If a covered person files incomplete declaration without reasonable justification, he/she shall be levied a fine equivalent to one month’s national minimum wage. Where a covered person without reasonable justification repeatedly files incomplete declarations, it may be deemed false declaration.

8. If a covered person knowingly makes false declaration with a view to conceal his/her assets, income and liabilities, it shall constitute an offence of ‘False Declaration’ under Section 64 of the Act and shall be dealt with accordingly.

9. If a covered person is deemed to possess Disproportionate Asset, it shall constitute an offence or 'Possession of Unexplained Wealth' under Section 60 of the Act and shall be dealt with accordingly.

10.  If a covered person repeatedly breaches the Rule, he/she shall be subject to the following:

a. For the second time: appropriate disciplinary action in addition to fines levied.

b. More than two times-dealt with as per rule 60 of AD rule 2017.


Covered person under Schedule II

11. Except for teachers, all Public Servants including those on contract (one year or more) in Position Level P5/SS4 and above in Civil Service Agencies, Constitutional Offices and Autonomous Agencies;

12. All Public Servants under the following occupational group irrespective of the Position Level:

(i)    Property and Procurement Management Services.

(ii)   Agriculture Regulatory Services (BAFRA, Custom, Tax)

(iii)  Engineering Services;

(iv)  Land Services;

(v)  Survey Engineering Services;

(vi)  Finance, Accounting and Budget Services;

(vii) Internal Audit Services; and

(viii)  Revenue Services.

(ix)   Civil Registration and Census Services;

(x)   Human Resource Management and Development Services;

(xi)  Head of Institutions (Principals & VPs Schools; CMO and MOIC of Hospitals )

 13.  Any other officials as deemed vulnerable to corruption by the Commission and  respective agencies such as Gups and Mangmis.

 Soliciting your continued support in achieving 100% AD Declaration like previous year. 

Jamyang Norbu

AD Administrator (AHRO)
Dzongkhag Administration

Contact # 17726655

For further details kindly visit

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