An educated and enlightened society of GNH, built and sustained on the unique Bhutanese values of Tha Dam-Tsi Ley Gyu-Drey”.


  • Develop sound educational policies that enable the creation of a knowledge-based GNH society;
  • Provide equitable, inclusive and quality education and lifelong learning opportunities to all children and harness their full potential to become productive citizens; and 
  •  Equip all children with knowledge, skills and value to cope with the challenges of the 21st  century.

Motto : “Together for Academic Enhancement”

Roles and Responsibilities

Professional and Academic Responsibilities

Provide professional supervision, guidance and support to the Principals/teachers in the Dzongkhag;

Organize INSET programmes in the Dzongkhag such as:

School based in-service programmes (SBIP);

Cluster based in-service programmes (CIBP);

Dzongkhag Education Conference;

Carryout periodical monitoring of all educational programs and also provides support wherever necessary; Review the status/quality of the education in the Dzongkhag

Monitor and evaluate performance of Schools/staff, and recommend promotions, training, retirements, etc.;


teaching time tables and deployment of teachers by the School heads;

compliance of school-planned calendar and see if they cater towards providing quality wholesome education;

Carry out placement of class VII & IX and XI students;

Make constant tour and observe teaching and provide feedback, support and guidance for improvement.

Policies and Planning

Prepare the Education plans for the Dzongkhag.

Implement Educational plans and policies;

Initiate and consolidate planning for school development programmes such as; the School Master Plan reflecting both short and long term indicating capital and current works;

Develop general guidelines for Principals and teachers to establish clear understanding of the academic and administrative procedures in the Dzongkhag; and

Explain to the community and stake holders the policies and priorities of the government.

Management and Administration

Prepare progress report on developmental activities and process budget releases with the Department of Budget & accounts, and in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Finance Sector;

Execute all the planned and non-planned developmental activities annually as per approved budget;

Coordinate both national and Intra-Dzongkhag Educational programmes for the promotion of Wholesome Education;

Plan human resource and teacher/staff deployment in the Dzongkhag;

Provide support and guidance to all Heads of the Schools to ensure good management and administration.

Ensure for provision of equitable distribution of educational facilities within the Dzongkhag/Gewogs/communities.

Plan and coordinate ECCD and  Non formal education programs in the District.

Monitor ECCD and NFE centres and management of ECCD Facilitators & NFE Instructors.

Financial Management

Establishment of new Schools, ECCD and NFE centres.

Prepare the annual budget for education programs in the Dzongkhag;

Ensure proper utilization of the budget.

Provide support and guidance in the schools’ financial management system.






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