Daga Tshechu

22 December 2018

According to the historical texts, the significance of conducting five days of Daga Tschechu is associated with the five local deities of Dagana namely Aum Jomo Dakarmo, Phola Taktshang Gangbur, Shathongtsen, Gophu Kencho and Molha Darayu Tsho. Annually, Daga Tshechu starts from the eleventh day of the eleventh month and concludes on fifteenth day of the eleventh month.

This year, the Tshechu was commenced from 18-22 December 2018. Unlike other Dzongkhags'  Tshechu, some of mask dances performed during Daga Tshechu are unique. One of the unique mask dances is Shawo Shachi (Dance of Stag and Hounds) which is performed like a two part play held over two days. The first part is performed on the hill over the Tshechu pang and which is slightly comical. Gyen-dru Pawo Cham (Dance of Heroes with Six Kinds of Ornaments) is also said to be performed only during Paro and Daga Tshechu. 

On the final day of Daga Tshechu which coincides with auspicious fifteenth day of the eleventh month, Tenpai Thongdrol was unfurled and thousands of people came to receive its blessing. 

The Dzongkhag Health Sector involving Health Officials provided various health check up services to the public gathered. It was an opportunity for the civil servants to avail the health services at the doorstep without need to disturb their office routines later.