17 November 2018

The 46th Dzongkhag Education Conference for Dagana Dzongkhag Education Sector was conducted at Dagapela MSS, Dagana from 15th – 17th November, 2018. The Conference deliberated with the 2018 National Education Conference’s Theme, “A King’s Vision, A Country’s Future, A People’s Dream” and the Dzongkhag Education Sector’s Theme, “Together for Academic Enhancement!” The conference was attended by all the Principals, 2 Vice Principals, a Teacher from Gesarling CS, Dzongkhag Scouts Secretary, 2 Dy. Chief DEOs and Adm. Asst. from the from Dzongkhag Education Office. The Conference was also attended by District Engineer, Asst. Accounts Officer and Asst. HR Officer from the Dzongkhag Administration, Dagana.

The Opening Session on 15th November, 2018 was graced by Hon’ble Dasho Dzongdag. Dasho reminded that the Dzongkhag Education Conference must be used as the greater forum to exchange the ideas, experience and best practices among the principals.  Dasho also shared numerous strategies to improve the academic performance of the students and recommended creating safe and conducive environment for students and staff to work. Dasho further advised to prepare academic target mapping for five years which was later adopted as one of the resolutions.

The Principals presented on the actions taken and impact of 45th Dzongkhag Education Conference. The Principal Engineer presented on norms and issues related to construction of school infrastructure. Similarly, Asst. HR Officer presented on the updated information on HR issues and Asst. Accounts Officer presented on the issues related to Finance.

The second day was chaired by Chief DEO and discussed on the agenda submitted by the schools. The schools were also reminded on various issues from the Dzongkhag Education Office. The participants deliberated and reviewed the criteria for Max Moderation extensively and endorsed for implementation.

The Closing Session was graced by Dasho Dzongrab. The Dzongkhag Scouts Secretary presented on the status of Scouts in Dagana Dzongkhag. The new Scout Secretary was also formally appointed for the Dzongkhag. The resolutions of 46th Dzongkhag Education Conference were endorsed and presented to all the participants.  Dasho Dzongrab extended his appreciation to all the DEOs and Principals for working in close cooperation and raising the standard of education in Dagana since 2016. He further stated that all the principals and DEOs must continue working hard. The Conference successfully ended by acknowledgement speech by a senior principal of Lhaling Primary School.