Notification for the Financial Year Closing

                                                        Notification for the Financial Year Closing

As per the FRR-16  (Section 3.11.3), for facilitating proper closure of accounts, all budgetary fund releases shall be completed by 15th June of every fiscal year. As discussed with the Contractors chaired by Dasho Dzongdag, all the Sectors and Gewogs are requested to expedite the work and remind the accounts personnel before June 10, 2018 for the release request as to ensure unnecessary complication. As agreed, final bills shall be settled by the accounts section on 20th June, 2018 without delay. The accounts personnel will also be working during odd days (Saturdays & Sundays) for the smooth closure of the Financial Year. Therefore, all are requested to cooperate for fruitful closing of the last financial year of 11th FYP.


Finance Section